Holiday Camps

Focus on Film holds Holiday camps during Chinese New Year, Easter and Summer holidays.

These fast paced intensive camps allow the participants to maximize their time on the equipment by jumping into the production phase within the second day. We follow a philosophy of hands-on learning because we believe it is the most effective way to absorb knowledge and experiment with creative thinking.

All students work with high end video production material including Pro HD cameras and Final Cut Editing software.

Topics covered in all camps are: acting for camera, directing for camera, pre production, line producing, script writing, script breakdown, storyboarding, production roles, set protocol, camera operation, lighting, sound, acting, directing, production management, post production, editing and screening.


Film Appreciation English Language Lecture Tour

The Focus On Film Appreciation lecture is designed to educate Local Hong Kong youth in the art of filmmaking.  The lecture is a fun experience and is designed to be delivered to up to two hundred students at a time.   The course takes place from 9 am to 12 pm and is divided into a large school assembly section for the lecture portion and a smaller group of twenty selected students for the production demonstration portion. 

Students learn about film as an art form from film making professionals in a lecture and workshop format that is designed to stimulate their English language production capacity and to increase their knowledge of the craft and techniques involved in the film making process.

The program is a good way for local schools to comply wiwth the OLE directives as laid out by the EDB


Focus Week

Five day long intensive workshops take place on school campus for the interim week education period allowing students the option to remain in Hong Kong and have a horizon broadening experience.  Film making is taught through hands on workshops and on location shooting style that brings student production teams to different areas of Hong Kong to shoot.  Emphasis is on group creativity and discovery.  Short films are produced and screened in the last day of the program to an audience of student peers and family. These programs are open to the students attending the schools that offer us only.


Apprenticeship Program

FOCUS ON FILM runs an apprenticeship program for those students with past experience in production who wish to participate in a professional shoot as assistants. This unique program offers students an amazing opportunity to learn from professionals in the field. Participants are chosen on basis of interest, experience AND drive.

On program, students will learn along side professionals in the field in tasks as varied as: camera operation, lighting, post production and live video switching during performance. Dates will vary according to placement and students availability.