Community Outreach

In a time where media tools are omnipresent, there are still those youth who are growing up without exposure to them. Focus on Film goes into local communities and provides opportunities for young people to work creatively with this media. Focus on Film ultimately provides international exposure for their finished products by presenting work in festivals and exhibition spaces globally.

Currently, Focus on Film offers workshops in narrative and documentary filmmaking. As part of our community outreach, workshops for the youth of the local Schools are provided at no charge to the students.

Our goal at Focus on Film is to stimulate creative encounters in the local community and provide structure for these communities to grow artistically.



媒體創作工具看似俯拾皆是,但仍有部份青少年沒有接觸它們的機會。Focus on Film希望進入本土社群,為青少年帶來利用媒體發揮創意的機會。Focus on Film更會透過影展及展覽等活動,在國際上展示青少年們的作品。 目前,Focus on Film提供故事片及紀錄片創作的工作坊。我們的社區外展項目亦包括為本地學生免費舉辦工作坊。 Focus on Film的目標是為激發本土創意,並為社區藝術創作建立發展的框架。 瀏覽更多關於我們的社區項目。