Learning Beyond the Classroom - Upper Primary & Secondary School Workshops

Programme Description (中文版請按這裡):

The Focus On Film Appreciation lecture is designed to educate Hong Kong youth in the art of filmmaking. The lecture is a fun experience and is designed to be delivered to up to two hundred students at a time. The course takes place from 9 am to 12 pm and is divided into a large school assembly section for the lecture portion and a smaller group of twenty selected students for the production demonstration portion.

Students learn about film as an art form from film making professionals in a lecture and workshop format that is designed to stimulate their English language capacity and to increase their knowledge of the craft and techniques involved in the film making process.

The program is a good way for schools to comply with the OLE directives as laid out by the EDB.

Program Content:

The Program teaches students the basics of cinematography, sound design and editing. The Focus On Film lecturers use a comprehensive presentation with clips from popular films to illustrate each point. Film appreciation and critical analysis techniques are taught through demonstration. There will be a question and answer period at the end of the lecture.

After the Lec Dem, a smaller group of pre-selected students will remain to learn the technical aspects of video production using FOF equipment. They will be shown basic camera operation and sound recording. Once they are familiar with the equipment they will be broken into groups so that they experience the different production roles first hand. Each group will get a chance to shoot their own short film in three shots. All aspects of production will be explained and the FOF instructors oversee the practical exercises.

Target Participants:

  • P 4 to Form 6
  • 100 – 200 students for lecture demonstration

  • 20 students for hands on video production workshop


Filmmaking demands both critical and creative thinking in order to imagine a project and bring that final video to fruition. It requires the assimilation of technical knowledge but more importantly, it requires teamwork, leadership skills and problem solving at a high level. Students who take the course will not only spend quality time honing their language skills but they will actively participate in developing creative thinking skills. The students that participate in the assembly will gain an appreciation of an art form and a better knowledge of the language of media and how to express themselves critically in response to that media.

What we provide:

One education pack, Two FOF senior lecturers. Presentation, Activities, Clips, HD Video Cameras, Lavalieres Microphones, Tripods, Script support for hands on workshop, Two Laptops for demonstration.


HK$6,000 The fee includes the education pack, soft copy of the lecture notes and equipment fee.

How to Apply:

Please email us at and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. You may also call our office at 2987-6656