On Location Filming - Environmental Short Film Project 

During the past three months, five group of students are shooting their own short films under the instruction of FOF teachers. This Environmental short project is funded by Lee Hysan Foundation. (2015 Nov. 7)


New Project Started! - Environmental Short Film Project

We have successfully kicked off a year-long project entitled "Environmental Short Film Project". Around 40 upper primary and lower secondary school students from 4 different schools will learn about environment issues and film-making techniques, then collaborate on short films about the environment. The first three environmental lectures have been finished during the past three week. Upcoming are the three firld trips and film-maiking courses. (2015 July 26)



KGV film camp this year includes a visit to the Heritage Museum to see the Bruce Lee exhibit.




"The camp that has all of Hong Kong’s hippest parents wishing they were tweens again."  Time Out Magazine

Thank you! 

Thanks to all of the great young filmmakers who joined our recent camp. To bring Focus on Film programs to your school, club, or community, email us for more information. 

 To learn more about Focus on Film programs, watch this short film. 


These and other programs are available to bring to your school or club! Email info@focusonfilmhk.com for information. 

Don’t Stop The Motion!

 Stop Animation Workshop

A fun hands-on exploration of the world of stop animation. Students will make their own stop motion animation short, and learn how to make stop motion with movie or still cameras- even their phone! Students will build their own sets and props, and will create characters, learn about storyboarding, editing, and more. If you’re interested in what Smashing Magazine calls “one of the hottest areas of filmmaking today,” sign up and join the fun! Open to all students, ages 11—17.





Masterclass in Filmmaking, Editing, and Sound

A great script or idea can still make a bad movie: the difference is in how it’s filmed and how it’s edited. This information-packed workshop is all about filmmaking: the art of visual storytelling. Learn secrets and shortcuts from the pros about how to film your story, editing, and adding sound. Whether you are making a movie for school, to express yourself, or just for fun, this course is for you! Open to beginning and intermediate filmmakers, ages 11—17. 

 For more videos to see works of our students, check out our newly launched channel at Youtube: focusonfilmhk



Learning Beyond the Classroom - Upper Primary & Secondary School Workshops

The Focus On Film Appreciation lecture is designed to educate Hong Kong youth in the art of filmmaking. The lecture is a fun experience and is designed to be delivered to up to two hundred students at a time. The course takes place from 9 am to 12 pm and is divided into a large school assembly section for the lecture portion and a smaller group of twenty selected students for the production demonstration portion.

Students learn about film as an art form from film making professionals in a lecture and workshop format that is designed to stimulate their English language capacity and to increase their knowledge of the craft and techniques involved in the film making process.

The program is a good way for schools to comply with the OLE directives as laid out by the EDB. Learn more / 中文版請按這裡 



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