Focus on Film, a not for profit charity founded in 2006, was created to provide children and young people with high quality creative experience in film and video production.  Programs, ranging from major outreach initiatives involving underprivileged children from all backgrounds, to weekly camps for international schools, have been run for a wide range of locally based young people.   Focus on Film has helped thousands of children find their own voice through production of original work.  The work has been broadcast internationally and shown in film festivals world wide.  Focus on Film is supported through generous donations from the private sector as well as a government grant from the Hong Kong Government Department of Home Affairs.


Our Vision

Professional guidance and instruction in the art of film, a medium to which all young people are immediately drawn, can provide unique opportunities for individual transformation through self-discovery and creative expression.

Self-expression through film can be transformative and have a profound impact on individual self-esteem. We celebrate the creative discoveries and expressions of our students, and recognize their value in creating more vibrant, supportive, and creative communities. Film can be a powerful agent of positive social change, and we strive to provide young people in Hong Kong with the tools, training, and opportunities to contribute to this change, in the process transforming their community, their society, and themselves.

We create supportive learning environments to foster creativity and self-discovery through the art of filmmaking. We provide passionate young filmmaking professionals with teaching opportunities and support for their developing careers in the creative arts. 


Our Mission

Focus on Film provides children with tools and opportunities to express themselves though the medium of film. We serve all children with an emphasis on the disadvantaged and creatively impoverished.


Our Values

Respect. We respect that all children have their own creative voice. We respect the skills and contributions of all FOF staff, volunteers and stakeholders by incorporating their unique perspectives into our work.

Learning. We are a learning organization, and strive to improve our programs and to implement best practices in our organization at all times. We provide supportive and inspiring learning opportunities for our students. We impart skills to children and apply those skills in the on-going development of programs. We continually strive for excellence from our students, our instructors and ourselves.

Passion and Fun. We approach our work and our programs with enthusiasm and a sense of joy. We believe in the importance of our work and design our curricula seriously, but also encourage and value improvisation and spontaneity. We have an informal work environment and talented instructors who help create an atmosphere of fun and dedication. 

Creativity. We seek creative solutions in our programs and in our organization. We encourage creative problem solving, improvisation, and experimentation. Our students, our faculty, and our staff all have their own approach, their own answers, and their own interpretation of any situation. We celebrate and encourage this creative diversity.

Empowerment. We encourage our students to express themselves without judgment. We provide training and support to reduce technical barriers to self-expression. We allow children to experiment and take ownership of their work, while teaching an understanding of the social responsibilities that come with self-expression.