We're have offered annual Summer Film Camp,s which are great opportunities to make new friends, learn about movies and filmmaking and to produce your own self-made short movie! Our Summer Film Camps are open to all young directors aged 11-17.

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Need-based scholarships are available. Contact us or call 2987 6656 for more information.

Summer Camp Course Description:

Open to students ages 11 to 17

Course description:

This fun hands-on course introduces students to the fundamentals of making movies. With expert instruction, students will create, direct, film, act in and edit their own short movies! As young directors, each student will have the chance to say, “ACTION!”

Taught by industry professionals who share with students actual film set protocol and shooting techniques, students will be given active production roles and learn how a filmmaking team works together to create a movie. Camp instructors will work with student teams who will use advanced filmmaking equipment and will collaborate to script, storyboard, shoot, record sound for, and edit their own short film. Throughout the course, film appreciation and film theory are also taught in a fun and interactive way. A screening on the final day of all the student work is open to parents and friends of the students. All workshops are conducted by working professionals in the filmmaking industry.

Learner outcomes:

Students will: 

  • Learn to use HD movie cameras and equipment to make their own short film

  • Experience first hand the excitement of being on a location film shoot

  • Learn to manage video production using professional cameras and equipment

  • Become familiar with proper framing and camera operating techniques

  • Manage their own team creatively in order to make their own short film

  • Learn how to understand and critique film as an art form

  • Become familiar with the different forms of film making

  • Become familiar with a traditional production work flow


  • Students are first taught the craft of the area being explored in classroom and small group settings

  • Short interactive lecture/demonstrations are interspersed with hands on learning activities

  • Instructors provide hands-on demonstrations in proper equipment usage

  • Hands on sessions are overseen by the instructors allowing the students to become familiar with equipment in a fun and relaxed manner

  • Once familiarity with equipment and protocol is complete, the production teams are formed

  • Storyboarding is done as part of a team and the students put their own creative stamp on their material

  • Rotating production teams film the developed work

  • Work is screened and critiqued on the final day

  • Throughout the course, clear examples of technique are given by showing film clips from film classics.

Final showing:

The final work is screened and the students are encouraged to present their work to the audience who are asked to give the filmmakers feedback on their efforts. Friends and family are welcome to this celebratory event!

Dates and Times:

Wednesday through Friday, July 4—6 @

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday, July 7 @

5:00 to 6:30 pm: Editing workshop

7:00 to 8:00 pm: Film Screening