Major Sponsor

Focus on Film programs are made possible through the generous support of the Enhancing Self-Reliance Programme of the Home Affairs Dept of the Govt of Hong Kong SAR. We are very grateful for their support.

Focus on Film is a registered charity, providing children with tools and opportunities to express themselves though the medium of film. We serve all children with an emphasis on the disadvantaged and creatively impoverished. 

Using a model of entrepreneurial philanthropy, Focus on Film aims to contribute palpable differences in a youth driven international visual arts community and its infrastructure. Only through donations in cash and kind and through relationships with companies that want to make a difference can this be accomplished. Companies with a share in Corporate Responsibility can be especially interested in what Focus on Film offers the community and the big businesses that help sustain it.


How To Give:

Focus on Film is a registered charitable organization. Any donation over 100 hkd is tax deductible. Crossed cheques made payable to Focus On Film Ltd may be sent to Focus on Film, 43/F, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong. An offficial receipt of donation will be returned for your records. No donation is too small! Be counted!

To learn more about our benefits to sponsors and how you or your company can help in this or in a variety of other programs, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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You can also donate directly safely online through AMMADO!





Focus on Film目標是成為自負盈虧的非牟利組織。然而,若缺乏贊助商慷慨的支持及幫助,我們的活動只能提供給少部份人參予,而我們的社區服務項目亦將同時消失。 透過「企業參與慈善事業」的運作模式,Focus on Film致力為以青少年為中心的國際視覺藝術社區及其建設作明顯的貢獻。然這需要各企業透過現金及物資作出捐贈及協助才能得以達成。Focus on Film的社區服務活動有賴各機構的支援以維持下去。


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The Women's Foundation Fully Sponsored 'A Girl's Life" Films by Hong Kong Youth on the subject of gender sterotyping where three incredible films were produced including a narrative, experimental, and documentary.

Thank you to the generous support of Elaine Marden.

衷心感謝婦女基金會的支持,以使“少女觀,觀少女" 得以順利展開。

Past Workshop Sponsors 其他贊助機構包括:

  • Pepsi
  • AOS
  • The Harbor Day Commitee
  • Ms Elaine Forsgate Marden
  • I Shot Hong Kong
  • Ocean Vista Films
  • So U TV
  • Prosperity Research
  • The Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation